Thank You God for taking good care of us in February. I pray that You look after us for the remainder of 2017. Let us become holier and love more.


1865. Thank You God for waking me up. Every day is a blessing.
1866. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible. I am thankful that I can read the bible every day.
1867. Thank You Jesus for bananas. I love bananas.
1868. Thank You God for my PC. It is working hard.
1869. Thank You Lord for my external drive.
1870. Thank You Jesus for Perl. Still extracting…
1871. Thank You God for Microsoft Word.
1872. Thank You Lord for laundry machines. I would have spent the whole day washing if it weren’t for the laundry machines.
1873. Thank You Jesus for clean blanket and sheets. Wow, it feels like a new world.
1874. Thank You God for my bed. It is so comfortable.
1875. Thank You Lord for the lovely weather. Yup, LA 😀
1876. Thank You Jesus for a pleasant interview. Thank You God for more opportunities.
1877. Thank You Father for Dyson. I cleaned the house.
1878. Thank You Jesus for helping me clean the house. I should really clean more often.
1879. Thank You Lord for my health. I am thankful that I am healthy.
1880. Thank You God for Jons. They really offer good deals.
1881. Thank You Jesus for good news. I am thankful that You opened doors.
1882. Thank You Lord for good sermons on YouTube.
1883. Thank You Father for a good chat with my parents. I pray that we become holier.
1884. Thank You God for Myungshin. I am always thankful that we can talk and pray together.
1885. Thank You Lord for my gym. I worked out twice!
1886. Thank You Jesus for good prayer time. I am thankful that I could pray deeply.
1887. Thank You God for YouTube. I should really stop watching movie reviews.
1888. Thank You Father for Duolingo. I am improving my Spanish.
1889. Thank You Lord for oranges. I love oranges too.
1890. Thank You Jesus for toothpaste. It maintains my oral hygiene.
1891. Thank You Lord for a hot shower. So relaxing.
1892. Thank You Jesus for my house. I like the high ceilings and large windows.
1893. Thank You Lord for my smartphone. It is very convenient.
1894. Thank You God for podcasts. I am learning a lot.
1895. Thank You Jesus for my blog. It is sort of becoming more popular.
1896. Thank You Father for Quora. Q&A 😀
1897. Thank You God for my roommates. I am thankful for their love.
1898. Thank You Jesus for my hands. I can type and grab things.
1899. Thank You Lord for my keyboard. Ahhh feels nicer and it is easier to clean.
1900. Thank You God for my chair. I can work sitting down.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always be more thankful.