Thank You Lord for a new month. We are thankful that You have given us a fresh new month to live a holier life 😀



1901. Thank You Jesus for waking me up. I am thankful for every day.
1902. Thank You God for bananas. I love bananas.
1903. Thank You Father for helping me read the bible. Let me read the bible every day.
1904. Thank You Lord for helping me pray. Let me pray more every day.
1905. Thank You God for my PC. It is working hard.
1906. Thank You Jesus for Perl. It is extracting data.
1907. Thank You Lord for downloadthemall. It is very convenient to download files.
1908. Thank You Father for new data sets. I can’t wait to play with them.
1909. Thank You God for good comments. I am fixing my dissertation.
1910. Thank You Lord for my bed. It is so comfortable.
1911. Thank You Father for YouTube. Such a good recommendation system.
1912. Thank You God for Quora. Love answering questions.
1913. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo. My Spanish is improving.
1914. Thank You Lord for data cleaning. Thank You God for this gift.
1915. Thank You Father for Excel. It makes data cleaning easier.
1916. Thank You God for Jons. It is very affordable.
1917. Thank You Jesus for noodles. Yup, fast and delicious.
1918. Thank You Father for coffee. It gives me energy.
1919. Thank You God for electricity. It makes my PC work.
1920. Thank You Jesus for elevators. I would probably lose more weight if I took the stairs.
1921. Thank You Lord for my gym. It is nice to work out.
1922. Thank You God for fasting. I am thankful that I can fast.
1923. Thank You Father for good bible study. I love reading Psalms.
1924. Thank You Lord for discernment. I am thankful that I am a bit wiser now.
1925. Thank You Jesus for Motif. Yay, commission free 😀
1926. Thank You Father for Digg. I like their news compilation.
1927. Thank You Lord for Facebook. Nice to keep in touch with friends.
1928. Thank You God for my blog. I am thankful that I can blog.
1929. Thank You Father for Myungshin. I am always thankful for her.
1930. Thank You Lord for clean water.
1931. Thank You Jesus for my church. I pray for revival.

Thank You God for every thing. We love You so much.