Thank You Lord for a blessed day. Let us always praise You more and give You all the glory.

sg31931. Thank You Jesus for my church. I pray for revival.
1932. Thank You Lord for morning prayer. I am thankful that I can start the day with You Jesus.
1933. Thank You Father for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk.
1934. Thank You Jesus for making me live near church. It is very convenient.
1935. Thank You God for Costco. I love the company.
1936. Thank You Jesus for Costco’s hot dog and pizza. So cheap and delicious.
1937. Thank You God for Sideok. Always nice to support each other.
1938. Thank You Father for my car. I am thankful that I can go to places.
1939. Thank You God for roads. They make driving easier.
1940. Thank You Jesus for coffee. I love coffee.
1941. Thank You Lord for natural gas. We use natural gas for the stove.
1942. Thank You Father for electricity.
1943. Thank You God for clean water.
1944. Thank You Lord for our sofa. So comfortable.
1945. Thank You Jesus for my bathroom. It would be bad if we did not have a bathroom.
1946. Thank You God for figs. I love dried figs.
1947. Thank You Lord for blue berries. It keeps me healthy.
1948. Thank You Father for a nap. I love short naps.
1949. Thank You Jesus for good prayer time. I need to pray more.
1950. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible.
1951. Thank You Father for my chair. I can work sitting down.
1952. Thank You Jesus for lamps. I can work at night.
1953. Thank You God for Myungshin. I am thankful that we can pray together.
1954. Thank You Father for my gym. I should work out more.
1955. Thank You God for paper.
1956. Thank You Jesus for pen. I can write things.
1957. Thank You Lord for my mug. I can use it to drink things.
1958. Thank You Jesus for doors. It controls access to our house.
1959. Thank You Father for large windows. Love the light and the wind coming in.
1960. Thank You Lord for my worms. They are working hard.

Thank You Father for all Your love and goodness. Let us repent more and love more.