I try make a habit of trying to answer about 2-3 questions every day. Most of the times, I choose simple questions that can be answered quickly (I do plan to write long and detailed answers SOON).

Most of these short answers get “0” upvotes. And it is not surprising. However, there are some cases that it annoys me. I clearly answered the simple question in an effective way. Plus, there are bunch of views. But not upvote! Ahhh! Of course, I am not begging for upvotes. But sometimes, it is just interesting.

Why you have no time to click upvote?!

Hmm…may be we should have a downvote button as well…May be my answers really do not provide much information sigh…

Anyway, I am still thankful that I can answer questions and hopefully be a little help to those who want some nudge in figuring out the answer. Also, I should really craft good answers.

Thank you Quora for the lovely platform.


Please do upvote answers if it helped you a bit. It makes the Q&A more efficient as good answers are promoted.