When I am very busy and stressed out, I read or watch other stuff not related to work (research).

That sounds counterintuitive. Your brain is already overloaded. Why don’t you just rest?

Well, I do rest. I take naps and I do walk. However, the reason why I read other stuff is

because it actually helps me process things better. I am not sure why. My friends say that

I am wasting my brain power. But I disagree. Strangely, when I watch YouTube about

history of the ancient nations, I feel like my brain is chilling. I learn a few things and I find

things interesting. Then I am quite refreshed. I am not sure why but it works better than

naps some times. I think it works because I keep my brain running and not completely

shutting it down. Kind of like slowing down the pace instead of fully resting. Anyway, it

works for me.

The downside of this method is that sometimes, you get interested in the other stuff and

get lost. Also, if you think too much then your brain overloads. So just be careful

not to get in too deep and you will find your brain well rested and ready to go again.