Thank You Lord for another blessed day. Let us always be thankful and give You all the glory 😀

s152307. Thank You God for waking me up. It is always a joy to start the day.
2308. Thank You Lord for my PC. It works hard.
2309. Thank You Jesus for Perl. Yup, it also works hard.
2310. Thank You Father for helping me read the bible.
2311. Thank You Lord for a safe drive.
2312. Thank You Father for good parking.
2313. Thank You Jesus for a quite school. Very serene and quite.
2314. Thank You Lord for my advisor. Please continue to bless our relationship.
2315. Thank You Father for my office. It is quite nice.
2316. Thank You Jesus for being able to help. I pray that I serve more.
2317. Thank You Lord for my office PC. It is quite fast.
2318. Thank You God for our PhD coordinator.
2319. Thank You Jesus for Google Scholar. I found lot of useful papers.
2320. Thank You Father for Stata. I did some data work.
2321. Thank You Lord for Excel. I cleaned data.
2322. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo. My Spanish is improving.
2323. Thank You Father for Quora. Love answering questions.
2324. Thank You Lord for Facebook. Keeping in touch.
2325. Thank You God for Kakao.
2326. Thank You Lord for Instagram.
2327. Thank You Jesus for clean water.
2328. Thank You Father for electricity.
2329. Thank You Lord for my plants. They are growing well.
2330. Thank You Jesus for the Security Exchange Commission.
2331. Thank You God for LA. It is an interesting city.
2332. Thank You Lord for good prayer time.
2333. Thank You Father for good fellowship. Let us continue to pray for each other.
2334. Thank You Jesus for fasting. Please make us more holy.
2335. Thank You God for Korea Town. It has lot of places to eat.
2336. Thank You Father for my legs. I can walk.
2337. Thank You Jesus for internet news.

Thank You Jesus for another day. Let us be thankful for today and have hope for tomorrow 😀