Thank You Father for looking after us throughout the middle of the week. Please continue to bless us through the rest of the week.



2338. Thank You Lord for waking me up. Help me wake up earlier.
2339. Thank You God for my bed. So comfortable.
2340. Thank You Jesus for advil. I had a bad headache but I got through.
2341. Thank You Lord for You-Il. He is very funny.
2342. Thank You Father for coffee. Yes, coffee.
2343. Thank You Jesus for bananas. Best breakfast.
2344. Thank You Lord for a very productive day. This is kind of a day where I was super productive.
2345. Thank You Jesus for wisdom. Please continue to give us more wisdom.
2346. Thank You Lord for Perl. Working hard.
2347. Thank You God for Google Scholar. Makes research easier.
2348. Thank You Jesus for USC libraries. It has access to good data bases.
2349. Thank You Lord for WRDS. Yes, we would have to hand collect anything without WRDS.
2350. Thank You God for Excel. Got some data cleaning done.
2351. Thank You Jesus for Digg. Found some interesting articles.
2352. Thank You Father for my brother. He is very funny.
2353. Thank You Lord for a nice walk.
2354. Thank You God for my legs. I can walk.
2355. Thank You Jesus for the beautiful flowers πŸ˜€
2356. Thank You Lord for the nice neighborhood. Yup, I want to buy a nice house some day πŸ˜€
2357. Thank You God for my laptop. It is old and slow but it still works.
2358. Thank You Jesus for podcasts. Learning something new every day.
2359. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible.
2360. Thank You God for Wednesday Worship. Let me be holier every day.
2361. Thank You Jesus for a great bible study. Really opened my eyes about psalms.
2362. Thank You Father for my gym. Worked out a bit.
2363. Thank You Lord for Perl. It did a lot of work.
2364. Thank You God for Adele for sharing data. Thank you πŸ˜€
2365. Thank You Jesus for a nice talk with Ventsi.
2366. Thank You Lord for my roommates. I pray that we become holier.
2367. Thank You Father for Adobe. It converts PDF to excel.
2368. Thank You God for helping me read the bible.
2369. Thank You Lord for my blog. I wrote two posts today.
2370. Thank You Jesus for internet. Yup, information and fun.
2371. Thank You God for handling the administrative issues. Please help me be more faithful and less worrying.