Thank You God for another blessed day. Let us always be more thankful every day.


2372. Thank You Jesus for a blessed morning. Always thankful for another day.
2373. Thank You God for my PC. I worked hard.
2374. Thank You Lord for Perl. Extract data~~
2375. Thank You Jesus for my chair. I can work sitting down.
2376. Thank You Father for my bed. I can lie when I get a headache.
2377. Thank You God for research. I suffer but I enjoy it 😀
2378. Thank You Lord for powerpoint. I revised my slides.
2379. Thank You Jesus for clean water.
2380. Thank You Lord for internet.
2381. Thank You God for electricity.
2382. Thank You Jesus for instant noodles.
2383. Thank You Lord for my legs. I can walk around.
2384. Thank You Father for Ralph’s. Nice fruits at a good price.
2385. Thank You Jesus for Stata. I did lot of data work.
2386. Thank You God for new ideas. Please give me more wisdom.
2387. Thank You Father for Motif. I can diversify.
2388. Thank You Jesus for Lending Club. I found some good notes.
2389. Thank You Lord for Myungshin. She is adorable.
2390. Thank You Father for my house. It is nice.
2391. Thank You Jesus for my bathroom. Yes, I must have one.
2392. Thank You Lord for my health. I have a cold and I appreciate my health more.
2393. Thank You Father for my gym.
2394. Thank You Jesus for videos on Amazon Prime.
2395. Thank You God for YouTube sermons.
2396. Thank You Lord for Duolingo.
2397. Thank You Jesus for Quora.
2398. Thank You God for Digg. I find interesting news.
2399. Thank You Lord for podcasts. Learning a lot.
2400. Thank You Jesus for awesome blogs.
2401. Thank You God for my blog.
2402. Thank Lord for a wonderful weather. Yup, LA 😀
2403. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible.
2404. Thank You God for helping me fast.
2405. Thank You Father for my eyes. I should really be more thankful.

Let us stop complaining but instead be thankful and pray more 😀