Thank You Lord for a beautiful Friday. Let us not complain be more thankful every day.

2406. Thank You Lord for morning prayer. Need to start the day with Jesus.
2407. Thank You Father for breakfast. I love cereal.
2408. Thank You Jesus for coffee. Black energy!
2409. Thank You Lord for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk.
2410. Thank You Father for my PC. It worked hard.
2411. Thank You Lord for data cleaning.
2412. Thank You Jesus for research. I love research.
2413. Thank You Father for calming my heart. I have to be more calm.
2414. Thank You Lord for helping me repent. Yes, repent more 😀
2415. Thank You Jesus for helping me give thanks. I need to give more thanks 😀
2416. Thank You Father for a nice walk to Larchmont.
2417. Thank You Lord for ice cream. So good on a hot day.
2418. Thank You Father for the beautiful flowers on the road.
2419. Thank You Jesus for my shoes.
2420. Thank You Lord for my health. I can walk around.
2421. Thank You Father for noodles.
2422. Thank You Jesus for tofu.
2423. Thank You Lord for electricity.
2424. Thank You Father for internet.
2425. Thank You Jesus for my house.
2426. Thank You God for email.
2427. Thank You Father for Perl. Extract, extract.
2428. Thank You Jesus for Kakao.
2429. Thank You Lord for great Friday Worship.
2430. Thank You God for my bed. So comfortable.
2431. Thank You Jesus for Dyson. I cleaned my house.
2432. Thank You Father for running water.
2433. Thank You Lord for Kiva. I can help the poor.
2434. Thank You Jesus for Experiment.com. I can help research.
2435. Thank You God for Myungshin. Let us be holier.
2436. Thank You Father for my family. I pray that we become holier.

Thank You Jesus for helping me repent and give thanks 😀 We give You all the glory ^^