Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday. Let us be more thankful every day 😀


2437. Thank You Lord for waking me up early. I should really wake up earlier.
2438. Thank You Father for the great morning sermon. Let us be the church that Jesus praises.
2439. Thank You Jesus for the delicious breakfast. Love sausage, eggs, and ham for breakfast.
2440. Thank You Lord for coffee.
2441. Thank You Jesus for great sharing. I pray that we become better disciples.
2442. Thank You God for pho. Nothing better than hot soup for a soar throat.
2443. Thank You Father for good coffee. Yes, good coffee like like!
2444. Thank You Lord for a beautiful day. Wish I could walk around more.
2445. Thank You Jesus for a productive day.
2446. Thank You Father for new research ideas. Please give us more wisdom.
2447. Thank You Lord for Kiva. Let us keep helping the poor.
2448. Thank You Jesus for An honor to assist fellow researchers.
2449. Thank You God for Duolingo. Learning Spanish.
2450. Thank You Father for Quora. Love answering questions.
2451. Thank You Jesus for electricity.
2452. Thank You God for internet.
2453. Thank You Father for my house.
2454. Thank You Lord for my chair.
2455. Thank You Jesus for my desk.
2456. Thank You God for my plants.
2457. Thank You Lord for podcasts. I love the microcap podcast.
2458. Thank You Jesus for my gym.
2459. Thank You God for tomato juice. It keeps me healthy.
2460. Thank You Father for my bed so comfortable.
2461. Thank You Lord for Myungshin.
2462. Thank You Jesus for my family. I pray that we become holier.
2463. Thank You Father for my roommates. I pray that we become more loving.
2464. Thank You God for helping me read the bible. Please help me meditate more.
2465. Thank You Lord for my health.
2466. Thank You Jesus for clothing.
2467. Thank You God for Facebook. Lot of interesting news.
2468. Thank You Father for Kakao.
2469. Thank You Jesus for clean water.
2470. Thank You Lord for running water.
2471. Thank You Jesus for credit cards.
2472. Thank You Lord for my worms.
2473. Thank You Father for my beta fish.
2474. Thank You Jesus for YouTube sermons.

Thank You Lord for all Your love and goodness 😀