Thank You God for Friday. I am so thankful that You have protected us throughout the week. Thank You Jesus 😀


2643. Thank You Jesus for morning worship. Finally, back to morning prayer.
2644. Thank You God for a good prayer time. I need to pray more.
2645. Thank You Lord for church plants.
2646. Thank You Jesus for my PC.
2647. Thank You God for my house plants.
2648. Thank You Lord for wisdom. I pray that You give us more wisdom.
2649. Thank You Father for Stata. Yup, runs well.
2650. Thank You God for SEC. Thank you for sharing the data.
2651. Thank You Jesus for Perl. Extract, extract, and extract.
2652. Thank You Lord for Gianfranco. I am thankful for the friendship.
2653. Thank You God for podcasts.
2654. Thank You Jesus for my gym. I am working out more.
2655. Thank You Lord for Quora.
2656. Thank You Jesus for my blog.
2657. Thank You Father for helping me read the bible.
2658. Thank You Lord for Korean fried chicken.
2659. Thank You Jesus for good fellowship.
2660. Thank You God for Kakao.
2661. Thank You Jesus for Amazon Prime videos. Lot of good documentaries.
2662. Thank You Lord for Facebook.
2663. Thank You God for my room.
2664. Thank You Father for my legs. I can walk around.
2665. Thank You Jesus for smartphones.
2666. Thank You Lord for my family. I pray that we become holier.
2667. Thank You God for Microsoft Word.
2668. Thank You Jesus for Bing. Search is improving.
2669. Thank You Lord for internet.
2670. Thank You God for running water.
2671. Thank You Jesus for clean water.
2672. Thank You Lord for the sun. LA 😀
2673. Thank You Father for the nice weather.
2674. Thank You Jesus for my chair.
2675. Thank You Lord for Dyson. I cleaned the house.
2676. Thank You God for my trash can. Yes, I can put the trash in there.
2677. Thank You Jesus for elevator. I would have thicker legs without elevators.
2678. Thank You Lord for my church. I pray that we become holier.
2679. Thank You Father for survival book. I should practice for emergencies.
2680. Thank You Jesus for my health.

Thank You Jesus for a blessed Friday. Let us always be more thankful every day.