Today, the wind blew so HARD.


It blew so much it knocked a guy on a bike. It knocked the glasses of a lady. I was being pushed around while I ran to the gym.

So I googled, the wind speed in LA in the past days has been 9-11mph. I thought that this was strong and then I googled more. Nope. LA has the average annual wind speed of 1.9 mph.

For further confirmation, I went to National Center for Environmental Information.

NOAA shows that California has very gentle winds compared to the East Coast.


Ooopss… No more complaining. I am so thankful that I live in LA. We have sunshine and mild winds. Thank You God.

Also, I am thankful that I have been trained as a researcher. Thank You Jesus for making me curious and giving me the ability to dig things through.

The awesome thing is that NOAA has the downloadable wind data so I will play around with it 😀