Thank You Jesus for a blessed Friday. Let us always be more thankful every day.

Let us read the bible more and live by Your Word.


2874. Thank You Lord for morning worship. I pray that we become holier.
2875. Thank You God for delicious breakfast. We didn’t have to wait long.
2876. Thank You Jesus for Park La Brea. Such a nice and pleasant area.
2877. Thank You Father for a nice walk.
2878. Thank You God for coffee.
2879. Thank You Father for my blog.
2880. Thank You Jesus for delicious lunch.
2881. Thank You God for Myungshin.
2882. Thank You Father for my plants.
2883. Thank You Jesus for church plants.
2884. Thank You Lord for my house.
2885. Thank You Father for Friday worship.
2886. Thank You Jesus for the great message. Let us be holier in the End times.
2887. Thank You Lord for my PC.
2888. Thank You Jesus for internet.
2889. Thank You God for electricity.
2890. Thank You Lord for my laptop.
2891. Thank You Jesus for Quora.
2892. Thank You God for Lord for Duolingo.
2893. Thank You Lord for eyewire.
2894. Thank You Father for helping me pray. I pray that we pray more every day.
2895. Thank You Jesus for helping me read bible. Let us be diligent in reading Your Word.
2896. Thank You Lord for running water.
2897. Thank You God for a hot shower.
2898. Thank You Jesus for my bed.
2899. Thank You Lord for my room.
2900. Thank You Father for my chair.

Thank You Father for Your unending love and mercy. Let us always be joyful 😀