Thank You God for a new month. Also, I love Saturdays. Yes, it is the same for me but yet weekends feel more relaxing 😀


2901. Thank You God for morning prayer.
2902. Thank You Jesus for the great message. Let us glorify You Jesus in our fields.
2903. Thank You Father for delicious bagel.
2904. Thank You Lord for morning teaching. Let us be more obedient.
2905. Thank You God for a delicious lunch. I love Thai food.
2906. Thank You Jesus for LA. It has so many great restaurants and coffee shops.
2907. Thank You Lord for great afternoon teaching. Let us be faithful in the end times.
2908. Thank You God for my car. I can drive around.
2909. Thank You Jesus for not so expensive gas.
2910. Thank You Lord for good parking.
2911. Thank You Father for the wind. The air is much cleaner.
2912. Thank You God for my plants. They are doing well.
2913. Thank You Jesus for church plants. They are doing well too.
2914. Thank You Father for church coffee stand. Not bad coffee.
2915. Thank You Lord for internet.
2916. Thank You Jesus for electricity.
2917. Thank You God for lotion.
2918. Thank You Lord for running water.
2919. Thank You Jesus for clean water.
2920. Thank You God for delicious snacks. Yes, I ate a lot.
2921. Thank You Father for my smart phone.
2922. Thank You Jesus for podcasts.
2923. Thank You God for my PC.
2924. Thank You Lord for Instagram.
2925. Thank You Jesus for Google crowdsource.
2926. Thank You God for Duolingo.
2927. Thank You Lord for Quora.
2928. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin.
2929. Thank You God for good roommates. Let us be holier.
2930. Thank You Father for my chair.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and grace 😀