Flying is one of the most wonderful inventions.

Flights brought the world closer. It has allowed goods, people, and culture to mix and learn from each other, creating synergies.

However…it seems like the US flight are not getting any better.

People are still extremely unhappy about US flights.

Going through security can be annoying to humiliating. Plane seats are so small that we

often feel like crates. Of course, you get what you pay for.

I do agree that if you want to save money on flights then you will have to go through some pain.


United Airlines showed that the flight quality will remain low by forcefully kicking out passengers and dragging off one passenger.

Really? They couldn’t just offer a good compensation?

What a missed judgment call…The things should not have occurred if they only apologized and promised for a just compensation….

That did not happen…Also, why did they have to knock out the guy? Come on—

This incident shows that US airlines still have long way to go in terms of service…

The remedy? Increase competition in the local flights!


United Airlines, you will see more lawsuits…