Approximately 40% of the food is wasted in the US!

We are using so much resources from water, land, and energy to produce to food that we will just throw away. And we pay for the disposal of the food!

So how can we deal with this sad and absurd situation? Here are somethings that we can do.

  1. Buy responsibly. Don’t buy too much food. Feel less full, good, you can let your stomach rest and lose weight. Don’t go buy the extra food.
  2. Don’t buy that spoils quickly. Some vegetables and fruits spoil very quickly. Don’t buy them if you are not disciplined to cook and consume them by the appropriate time.
  3. Don’t go to buffets. I love buffets but they do waste a lot of food. Also, you could help from the food being wasted by buying leftover food from this buffets.
  4. Help donate the leftover food. Volunteer to get the leftover food to donate to the needy. The Good Samaritan Act protects donors from liability. Ask shops if you can get their leftovers for donations.
  5. Buy ugly produce. Ugly produce are often thrown away because they don’t look pretty although they have the same nutrition value. Ralphs already puts some ugly produces out and I am sure other stores will follow as well.
  6. Don’t throw away just because the expiration date passed. Often many products are ok for few days after the expiration date passes. Check how the food is and then decide whether to consume it or not.
  7. Grow your own food. This may sound impossible but you can do it. You can grow herbs and some fruits in your house. You will save money and time from shopping. Of course, it is very challenging to grow all your food in your house but you can grow some, which infinitely better than nothing.

Small actions. Small actions will compound and make big changes 😀

It all starts with one small step ^^