Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday.

Let us always rejoice and give You all the glory. Thank You Jesus for all Your love.


3376. Thank You Jesus for morning worship. Let us not worry about tomorrow but focus on You Jesus.
3377. Thank You God for bagels.
3378. Thank You Lord for good servant meeting. Let us pray for those who are lost and suffering.
3379. Thank You Jesus for my health. I can help out.
3380. Thank You Lord for David. He is getting to know You more Jesus.
3381. Thank You God for metro.
3382. Thank You Jesus for Tap Card. Quite convenient.
3383. Thank You Lord for stairs. Exercise!
3384. Thank You God for LA Downtown.
3385. Thank You Jesus for Blue Bottle coffee. So nice!
3386. Thank You Father for Central Market. Crowded and expensive but good food.
3387. Thank You God for my credit card. Quite convenient.
3388. Thank You Jesus for El Pollo Loco. Very delicious.
3389. Thank You Father for my legs. I walked around.
3390. Thank You God for my smartphone. I took a lot of pictures.
3391. Thank You Jesus for electricity.
3392. Thank You Lord for internet. Information and connection!
3393. Thank You God for Facebook.
3394. Thank You Jesus for Khan Academy.
3395. Thank You Lord for Duolingo. Moving forward.
3396. Thank You God for my blog.
3397. Thank You Jesus for great podcasts.
3398. Thank You Lord for Microsoft Word.
3399. Thank You God for Panda Planner. Really, getting a lot of things done.
3400. Thank You Jesus for Paris Baguette.
3401. Thank You Lord for Korea Town.
3402. Thank You God for my plants.
3403. Thank You Jesus for church plants.
3404. Thank You Lord for brothers and sisters in Christ.
3405. Thank You God for Kakao.
3406. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin.
3407. Thank You Lord for Eunpyo.
3408. Thank You Father for Amazon reviews.
3409. Thank You God for Yelp.
3410. Thank You Lord for energy.
3411. Thank You Jesus for clean water.
3412. Thank You Father for my family. I pray that we become holier.
3413. Thank You God for my church. I pray that we become like the church of Philadelphia.
3414. Thank You Father for the lovely weather.
3415. Thank You Lord for my eyes. I saw nice things.
3416. Thank You Jesus for my ears. I heard podcasts.
3417. Thank You Lord for my mouth. I ate delicious food.
3418. Thank You Jesus for my nose. I smelled things.
3419. Thank You God for my keyboard.
3420. Thank You Father for pens. I can write.

Thank You Jesus for loving us so much. Let us share Your love with our neighbors and all nations 😀