An interesting article showing that the future air travel will be more luxurious for the rich and probably not so good for the economy class.


This makes sense because business/ and beyond classes have much higher margins while the economy class’ profit is meager.

Economy class is most sensitive to pricing so as long as the price is not so high, people will endure hardship.

In contrast, wealthier clients will demand more comfort and luxury for higher utility and pay more.

Simple economics!

So is this bad? No. It is just economics. 

How can the economy class people endure? Well, you can always choose a flight that has slightly better quality. Or accumulate points to somewhat decrease the pain.

Yup, you can be creative and maximize mileages following tactics suggested by mileage maximizers.

Or you can always choose to take a train or some other transportation method. Of course, trains may take longer but you can definitely voice your opinion with your money.

Oh, finally don’t buy too cheap tickets. Airlines are very good at price discrimination, meaning if it is cheap; there is a very good reason that it is cheap!