Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday! We are thankful for a blessed sermon and servant meeting. I pray that we become holier every day 😀


3614. Thank You God for waking me up.
3615. Thank You Jesus for a great morning sermon. Let us do God’s work with a willing and joyful heart.
3616. Thank You Father for delicious breakfast. I love French Toast!
3617. Thank You Lord for great servant meeting. Let us continue to pray for each other.
3618. Thank You Father for my car. I can drive.
3619. Thank You Lord for roads.
3620. Thank You Jesus for Capitol Burgers. Pretty tasty!
3621. Thank You God for Dino’s Burger. Also, quite good!
3622. Thank You Father for helping me improve my parking skills.
3623. Thank You Jesus for Festival of Books.
3624. Thank You Lord for USC.
3625. Thank You God for the PhD student who opened the door.
3626. Thank You Father for my office.
3627. Thank You Jesus for my office computer.
3628. Thank You God for water fountains. Need to hydrate myself.
3629. Thank You Lord for my legs. I can walk around.
3630. Thank You Jesus for free samples.
3631. Thank You God for helping me fast.
3632. Thank You Father for productive time.
3633. Thank You Lord for water.
3634. Thank You Jesus for electricity.
3635. Thank You God for internet.
3636. Thank You Jesus for my blog.
3637. Thank You Father for Microsoft Word.
3638. Thank You Lord for Kakao.
3639. Thank You God for my eyes. Nice to see.
3640. Thank You Jesus for my ears. Nice to hear.
3641. Thank You Father for David. Nice to catch up.
3642. Thank You God for bread donations.
3643. Thank You Jesus for a cool nigt.
3644. Thank You Lord for my PC.
3645. Thank You Father for Myungshin.
3646. Thank You God for my house.

Thank You Father for all Your love and mercy. Let us continue to watch and pray 😀