Thank You God for a blessed Saturday. Wow~ Death Valley is so awesome! Wish I could travel more. But I am thankful for everything. Lord, home or traveling, let us always be thankful.



3850. Thank You God for waking us up.
3851. Thank You Lord for the hotel.
3852. Thank You Jesus for McDonalds. Always, reliable source of calories.
3853. Thank You Father for Death Valley. So beautiful.
3854. Thank You Lord for the sand dunes. Wow, it is really a desert.
3855. Thank You God for the plants that live in sand dunes. Lord, You are just so awesome.
3856. Thank You Father for Bad Water. Love the salt beds. So beautiful.
3857. Thank You God for Sideok. He drove a lot.
3858. Thank You Jesus for water.
3859. Thank You Lord for Sideok’s car. It worked hard.
3860. Thank You Father for my DSLR. I took a lot of pictures.
3861. Thank You Jesus for my smartphone.
3862. Thank You God for podcasts.
3863. Thank You Lord for naps.
3864. Thank You Jesus’ for Dante’s view. So beautiful!
3865. Thank You Father for helping me pray.
3866. Thank You God for highways.
3867. Thank You Jesus for gas stations.
3868. Thank You Lord for Yelp. So useful.
3869. Thank You God for Google maps.
3870. Thank You Jesus for LA. Nice to be back.
3871. Thank You Lord for my car. I can give rides.
3872. Thank You God for my bed. Nice to be back.
3873. Thank You Lord for my room. So pleasant.
3874. Thank You Jesus for the safe and wonderful trip.
3875. Thank You Father for a nice shower.
3876. Thank You Jesus for lotion.
3877. Thank You God for sunscreen.
3878. Thank You Lord for Argan oil.
3879. Thank You Father for internet.
3880. Thank You Jesus for Amazon Prime.

Thank You Jesus for a wonderful trip. I pray that we are healed and restored through this trip 😀