Thank You Lord for hooding ceremony. After many years, I am finally graduating.

Jesus, thank You for all Your love, wisdom, and support throughout my PhD.

I am very thankful of my family who has with me at all times. Also, I want to thank all

the brothers and sisters in Christ, who prayed for me and helped me out 😀


4229. Thank You Jesus for waking me up.
4230. Thank You Lord for my parents.
4231. Thank You God for my car.
4232. Thank You Jesus for good parking.
4233. Thank You Lord for my legs.
4234. Thank You God for USC.
4235. Thank You Jesus for Julie and Michelle for organizing the graduation ceremony.
4236. Thank You Lord for Levanthal School of Accounting.
4237. Thank You Father for Marshall School of Business.
4238. Thank You Jesus for the PhD hooding ceremony.
4239. Thank You Lord for my advisor.
4240. Thank You Jesus for the photos.
4241. Thank You Father for my family.
4242. Thank You Lord for Myungshin.
4243. Thank You Jesus for Pastor Eunwoo and Maria for coming.
4244. Thank You Father for smartphones.
4245. Thank You Jesus for accounting’s lunch.
4246. Thank You God for a nice walk around the school.
4247. Thank You Father for the PhD graduation hood and gown.
4248. Thank You Lord for rest.
4249. Thank You Jesus for my PC.
4250. Thank You Father for internet.
4251. Thank You Lord for electricity.
4252. Thank You Jesus for helping me do research.
4253. Thank You God for helping me graduate.
4254. Thank You Father for Perl.
4255. Thank You Jesus for my good roommates.
4256. Thank You Lord for fruits.
4257. Thank You God Hanbat Seulungtang.
4258. Thank You Jesus for my room.
4259. Thank You Father for my PhD friends.
4260. Thank You Lord for Google.
4261. Thank You Jesus for Facebook.
4262. Thank You God for a truly blessed day.

Thank You Jesus again for everything. Please let us be more humble every day and be extra thankful 😀