So even the most remotest island is impacted by plastic!

This sends us an important message! Time to use less plastic and start recycling!


No need to sacrifice everything immediately. Start small, here are some actionable steps.

  1. Discourage use of plastic. LA charges money for plastic bags. Now people carry their own bags when shopping. It works!
  2. Don’t drink that bottled water. Get a water bottle that you can reuse. Not that hard. It can be done.
  3. Start recycling. Yes, don’t dump it in the trash. Recycle!
  4. Don’t buy stuff that you don’t need. Save money and the planet.
  5. Pick up trash/ plastic. This is not difficult. Just takes some discipline. I pick up small amounts of trash when I walk. It is not so difficult! It can be done.
  6. Encourage others to recycle and use less plastic.
  7. Help research that looks into more sustainable plastic.

Hopefully, we all start using less plastic and recycle more ^^