Uber is being accused of using psychology to make drivers more.


Well, Uber is a company and wants to maximize profits. So it is reasonable that they use every tool possible to make its drivers more efficient.

Google and other tech companies also use perks to incentivize its workers.

So what is wrong?

Well, the issue is whether Uber is making the driving too addictive. Just like casinos that

trap their customers with constant incentives and stimulus.

I have not driven Uber so I cannot comment on how addictive or manipulative Uber tactics are.

However, I am concerned that many people feel being gamed by Uber.

In such case, I think it is important to educate the driver about gamification and other psychological tools.

It is unlikely that Uber will educate the drivers.

Hence, the Uber driver must be aware. Hopefully, Uber driver community has some resources to alert the drivers about gamification.

Will there be legal challenges to Uber’s gamification? Probably not. Uber drivers are not forced to drive Uber. So it seems like that there would not be any legal measures.

Reading this article, I was amazed and proud that psychology research does work and is having an effect in the world (I am psychology major and I love psychology). However, it does bother me that people and entities could potentially manipulate you for their not so good purposes.

Hence, let us all be more alert and wary about psychology and psychology tactics.