Many days, I feel so blessed.


I want to write it down but then I am swamped by work and not so urgent things that I do and forget to write down or remember all the things that I am thankful for.

So today, I wanted to share things that I was thankful for~

When my parents visited me for my graduation. I was so thankful. I was thankful that I had a loving family. I was thankful that we had enough money for my parents to come.

Then I remembered other things that we usually take it for granted and forget to be thankful.

I was so thankful that I could communicate with my parents through Kakao. Now we have video chatting, which is awesome! I remember when international calls were so expensive that we only talked briefly overseas. Now just press Kakao or wechat and we have video chat!

Then I was reminded to be thankful of internet, wifi, and electricity that made videochat possible.

When my parents flew to the US from Korea, I was thankful that flights are affordable. I remember when flights used to be quite expensive. My parents had to wait for several years to go somewhere abroad because flight was expensive. Not anymore. Of course, many flights cost over thousand dollars but you can still sort of afford it.

As I picked up my parents, I was thankful of GPS. Wow, I remember when GPS was so expensive and slow. Now, so easy and fast. As I drove my car, I was thankful that I could drive a car that has so much technology. Awesome! I was thankful of the road. Yes, LA has lot of traffic and roads are bad. But still we have roads. In ancient times, people had to make their own way!

When we arrived home, I washed my hands and open the refrigerator to drink something cold. Ahh, clean water! So thankful. Something that more than a billion people still lack 😦 Then refrigerator, keeping things cool and fresh. I am so thankful of my fridge because we did not replace a broken fridge for three months. During that time, we ate lot of fruits and things that did not need cooling haha.

As I laid down on my bed, I was so thankful that I had a room and a bed. So thankful that I have a home. I prayed for the refugees who were displaced by war. As I put myself to sleep, I was reminded of all the street people in LA. I prayed again and repented for my lack of love.

We often forget how blessed we are. We take things for granted….We complain and complain. Instead of being thankful and sharing the blessings with others.

Jesus, thank You so much for all Your love and mercy.  I pray that You use us to share Your love and blessings. Let us always be thankful for everything and share Your love with our neighbors and all nations.