I liked David Blaine ever since he first APPEARED!

Over the years, I forgot about him but then YouTube suggested me this video about Blaine not breathing for 17 minutes!

What really amazed me was not only the world record but how methodically he trained to hold his breath.

His process of researching, due diligence, and discipline is just AMAZING!

He first tried various ways to breath longer, which did not turn out to be so fruitful. Then he started research on free divers who held their breath for a long time. He learned that less movement conserved oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide and holding on to as much as oxygen was the key.

Then he trained himself to lower his heart rate and keep as much as oxygen as he can with one breath~

I am just amazed how rigorous and disciplined he was~ He really deserves a standing ovation~

Also, science not magic 😀