Today, I realized that I forgot to my credit card bill.


I got charged a late fee and a finance charge~

So I was not happy and I decided to call the credit card company~

The automatic voice service answered, I was annoyed at all the options. Then it asked what problem I had.

I said “Late fee.” It did not understand.

I said “Late fee!” The voice recognition still struggled…

Finally, I yelled “LATE FEE!”

As I was waiting to get transferred to a real person, SURPRISE!

The automatic voice said that the late fee and the finance charge were dropped!

I was like whoa! Very nice!

The credit card company knew that I was a good customer and transferring me to an agent would cost money and probably annoy me so it just cancelled the fees!

Ahh, what a win-win situation! Yup, that is called being smart. Also, great customer service-

Talking about being smart. I should really check my autopayments.

Anyway, it was great that my issue was quickly and efficiently resolved.