Give Thanks [2017/6/13]

Thank You Jesus for Tuesday.

We are thankful for every day and your unending love!


5354. Thank You Jesus for waking me up.
5355. Thank You God for my church.
5356. Thank You Lord for my smartphone.
5357. Thank You Father for guest house meeting.
5358. Thank You Jesus for coffee.
5359. Thank You God for Sideok who takes cares of our church website.
5360. Thank You Lord for Quora.
5361. Thank You Jesus for Snapshot Serengeti.
5362. Than You God for research.
5363. Thank You Lord for Audit Analytics.
5364. Thank You Father for Stata.
5365. Thank You Jesus for Perl.
5366. Thank You God for Word.
5367. Thank You Father for Myungshin.
5368. Thank You Lord for Panda Planner.
5369. Thank You Jesus for my mouse.
5370. Thank You Father for my keyboard.
5371. Thank You Lord for lotion.
5372. Thank You Father for clean water.
5373. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible.
5374. Thank You Lord for helping me pray.
5375. Thank You God for gym.
5376. Thank You Jesus for earphones.
5377. Thank You God for my room.
5378. Thank You Lord for church plants.
5379. Thank You Jesus for Google Drive.
5380. Thank You Father Duolingo.
5381. Thank You God for Facebook.
5382. Thank You Jesus for my legs.
5383. Thank You Lord for books.
5384. Thank You Father for LA.
5385. Thank You Jesus for Korea Town.

Thank You Father for all Your love and mercy ^^



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