I have been planning to write detailed posts about things that I am thankful for. I like my give thanks posts, where I just list the things that I am thankful for. However, those posts seemed to lack depth so from now, I will also try my best to write long posts about the things that I am thankful for ^^ I hope everyone becomes more thankful and appreciate the world more every day 😀


I am so thankful for Kakao. I remember using it in 2010 and it was so convenient. I liked the fact that the messages were saved so we could go back and check the message. Also, I like the characters, which became cuter.

Kakao was so precious. When I wanted to talk to my friends in Korea, I had to previously force them on to Skype or some chat program. Now I could just message them on Kakao. Things got even more wonderful when my parents started using Kakao!! We talked more often and it was just wonderful.

Just before when I thought things could not become better, Kakao introduced Kakao call. Before I had to use Skype to call my parents. Now I could just call my parents using Kakao. It was slowly and unreliable first but it was free and Kakao fixed the issues in a short period of time.

Then came video chat! This was really revolutionary. My parents often said send us pictures but now we could see each other on video chat! How amazing! I remember that the video chat would freeze within 2-3 minutes in the beginning of the launch. But now we can easily talk for an hour on video chat and it is no problem. This is also super important when you are on a long distance relationship.

Kakao is also very effective for group chats. I remember group communication being a mess! With email spamming and unending replies- But with Kakao group, ahhh, everything is so much organized and efficient. I can’t imagine my church without Kakao group chat. It would be so much cumbersome and annoying. But thanks to Kakao group chat, things are communicated very efficiently 😀

So thank you so much Kakao for connecting me to my family and friends. And making group chat very efficient. Also, thank you for the lovely emoticons-