There is a big problem in the US prison system.

There is excessive punishment and no real rehabilitation or mercy….

Watching the documentary about Roundhouse prison really makes me sad….

So much potential wasted and so much money wasted to create more unnecessary suffering!

The most sad thing is that there are already better ways to help inmates.

Treat them fairly and help them get up again…

Prison should not be hell! But in the US, prison becoming more hellish.

There are many great prison reform measures.

First, don’t send people to prison unless the crime is serious and the person poses a serious threat to society. Those with lower offenses can pay fines or be confined to a certain area using a GPS tracker.

Second, offer stress release programs. Many art programs help inmates to channel their rage and have a better understanding of their emotions.

Third, offer more training. Cooking, plumbing, haircutting, anything that can help them make the ends meet and contribute to society.

Finally, we should feed them better instead of giving expensive medication and treatment. Giving better food will prevent far more expensive medical care.

I pray that there is a prison reform so that we can help inmates better. Jesus, please have mercy on the prison inamates.