Whitney Tilson is one of my favorite investors. He is very honest and transparent about

his investment. Plus, he shares a lot of wisdom.

In his 2017/7/14 presentation, he gave his thoughts about Alphabet.

In sum, he realized that he underestimated the economy of scale and network effect of Alphabet.

Most of Alphabet’s products from Android, Search, YouTube, Chrome, and Gmail are doing quite well with high barriers to entry.

He missed out on Alphabet because everyone loved Alphabet but he is a contrarian so he could not just ride along.

Now he realizes his mistakes and is going long Alphabet.

I love such honesty πŸ˜€ Very rare in finance.

Now, what are my thoughts on Google? I think it is a good play for the very long term so yup, put it in your forever portfolio πŸ˜€

However, for me, I like Yandex better. Yandex is Russia’s google and it is growing quite well. Plus, I am playing on Russia’s economic recovery, which is on the way.

Plus, Yandex has good tailwinds with merging its drive service with Uber and having Google settle its anticompetition suit with Russian regulators.

What about Putin? Well, Putin can surely punish Yandex anytime. But given that Putin needs economic growth to sustain his popularity and Russia. He will leave Yandex alone unless there is a major crack down. In such case, everyone should just run away from Russia.

Always, remember it is your money. Please do your own due diligence πŸ˜€