Amazon Prime is both a blessing and a curse to remote towns.

Amazon Prime provides lot of products at a reasonable price for those who live in remote areas.

However, Amazon Prime kills off the local stores, becoming a monopoly and having a lot of control over the remote villages.

Man, this sounds like being between a rock and a hard place.

So what can be done? Move out of the remote villages?

Yes, if they can move out. Some people can’t move out…

Should they just suck it in…mmm..not the best alternative.

Then what can be done?

Well, there is COMPETITION!

Walmart’s and Google Shop are fiercely trying to compete with Amazon. So there is hope 😀

I won’t be surprised if Walmart tries to get those remote villages after all Walmart is strong in less populated areas.

What happens if Walmart and Google don’t come in 😦

No worries, this is where entrepreneurship kicks in!

A company can centralize the ordering of Amazon goods and distribute to the remote areas. Of course, it will be more expensive but the remote villages will enjoy the variety 😀

Yes, there will be some stress and mess-ups but in time, competition will do its work 😀

Plus, drones will lower transporation cost and helpout somewhat 😀1lhokr