Today, I feel blessed.

I woke up earlier and prayed.

I was a bit tired during morning worship. But I felt blessed.

Breakfast is always delicious after fasting. Thank You Jesus for the daily meals.

Fellowship was good.

We enjoyed coffee at 85C bakery and found a new cool food court.

I came home did some work and watched some interesting videos on YouTube.

I like the relaxed pace of doing research on weekends. Also, I am thankful

for all the interesting stuff on YouTube. Lot of useful things that I did not know before 😀

I slept a bit. Yes, naps are always sweet. Had a chat with my girl friend on Kakao, which

is always nice. Thank you Kakao for making it happen.

Some more work and catching up on blogging.

I worked out and went to pick up bread.

Came back read the bible and listened to worship.

Ahh…so blessed. I am just so thankful for today.

Nothing extraordinary happened but everyday is a gift with so many things to be thankful for.

Jesus, I am so thankful for today.

Lord, I pray that I can always praise You. Thank You Jesus for everything.