Jana Partners is going activist on Blue Apron.

Now this is going to be interesting.

The only thing I see is Jana Partners trying to sell Blue Apron to a rival of Amazon.

I predict that it will probably pitch Blue Apron to Walmart who already has fantastic logistics but not the desired customers of Blue Apron. With Walmart getting Jet.com and aligning forces with Google to battle Amazon, I don’t think acquisition of Blue Apron is unreasonable.

Now the million dollar question is whether we should invest in Blue Apron, waiting Walmart to take over. Well….Walmart is no hurry. Especially given its offensive against Amazon, it probably does not want to go overboard. So it will take time even if it buys Blue Apron. Walmart knows that Blue Apron has multiple lawsuits and is undersiege. Walmart can wait until the most opportune time for them.

Given such circumstances, I would not invest in Blue Apron. I would wait it out. I’ll wait until Jana gets more active and when we see more articles about Amazon crushing retail. May be then Walmart or another retailer will buy Blue Apron.

Something funny and ironic would be if Amazon buys Blue Apron. That would be quite interesting and ironic. But given that Amazon has its own plan, I doubt it will happen soon. Just like the acquisition of Whole Foods, it will wait until they realize that they can’t do it alone.

So I would just wait and see how things go—