A nice article about how companies may be potentially influencing teachers through monetary rewards.

Overall, I believe it is great teaching is finally changing. Education really needs to be disrupted and I do believe that sitting down and listening to lectures is not always the best way to learn.

So I welcome new innovative approaches. However, just because it is new techy and new, it does not mean that it is good. I think teachers should experiment with new teaching methods.

Now can a company help teachers do that. Of course! However, there should be good guidelines. We don’t want the medical industry fiasco in education. I pray for wisdom for companies and the teachers. That they be wise and put always education first.

As a teacher, myself, I experiment and would welcome new tools. However, I am realizing that education comes from truly caring about the student and teaching how to learn. Once you teach a student how to learn then you gave a great gift and the student can take care of his education (most of it).

I pray for wiser teachers 😀