Thank You Father for rest.

I am thankful that I can rest after a intense day of teaching. Some people may

argue that teaching two classes is not much but when I soley focus on the students

then it really drains energy. Jesus, I pray that You give me more wisdom and love

so I can serve the students better.

I love the peaceful morning. K-Town is still noisy with sirens blasting and honks every

where yet I am thankful for my room, my bed, and large windows that allow tons of sun.

Jesus, I pray that I can be more humble and grateful every day.

Lord, let me not forget Your love and blessings.

Please protect us and let us be the light and the salt of this world!


  1. Thank You Jesus for waking me up.
  2. Thank You Lord for Alexa.
  3. Thank You Jesus for my room.
  4. Thank You Father for my bed.
  5. Thank You God for clothing.
  6. Thank You Lord for Kakao.
  7. Thank You Father for Wechat.
  8. Thank You Jesus for my plants.
  9. Thank You Lord for church plants.
  10. Thank You Father for a hot shower.
  11. Thank You God for YouTube.
  12. Thank You Father for internet.
  13. Thank You Jesus for Wifi.
  14. Thank You Lord for my legs.
  15. Thank You God for my hands.
  16. Thank You Jesus for my eyes.
  17. Thank You God for helping me pray.
  18. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible.
  19. Thank You Father for coffee.
  20. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin.
  21. Thank You Lord for my family.
  22. Thank You Lord for my roommates.
  23. Thank You God for Quora.
  24. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo.
  25. Thank You Father for Amazon.
  26. Thank You Jesus for Google.
  27. Thank You Lord for Bing.
  28. Thank You God for Excel
  29. Thank You Father for Word.
  30. Thank You Jesus for electricity.
  31. Thank You God for my PC.
  32. Thank You Lord for Korea Town.
  33. Thank You Jesus for Wednesday worship.

Thank You Father for all Your love and grace.