The YouTube video shows that processed food is becoming very popular in Brazil and that may be a  problem.

Personally, I think some processed food is good. It tastes good and it is nutritious.

So I do not disagree with international companies offering processed food to remote

villages in Brazil.

However, I am concerned about marketing processed foods as superior to natural food.

Of course, some have higher nutritional value and taste better by product design. But saying natural food is not cool is a big no no.

As long as processed food is marketed as something that can add more flavor to one’s life that is ok.

But deriding natural food or saying that processed food is the only source of energy, oooo, bad marketing!

Also, the consumer has the right to choose. More choices up to certain extent increase utility. We should definitely let them know about the potential consequences of high fat/ sugar diets such as obesitiy and related diseases. However, I believe that the customer should have a choice and more choices are better (up to a certain point).

I pray for wisdom and discernment for the Brazilian customers.

Also, I pray that international food companies engage in honest marketing.

Finally, I pray that we all have more blessed and fulfilling lives.