I pray for the victims and their families. I pray that God consoles them and gives them peace. I also pray that the nation becomes more united and loving. I pray that Jesus protects all of us.

From the massacre, we learned that there should be a reform in the gun laws.

First, we have to strengthen mental/ cognitive tests. It is a fact that there are people who are not mentally well. Those people can be very dangerous when they have guns. So it is time that we strengthen the mental/ cognitive exams for gun ownership.

Second, we need to update the gun tracking system. We cannot rely on manual records anymore. We need to really know where the gun has come from.

Third, we need to restrict automatic weapons. There is a difference between protection /right to bear arms and having a killing machine.

Finally, we really need to talk about guns. Instead of blaming each side, gun law reformers and gun advocates need to sit down and work on a better solution.

Shouting and getting angry will not make us any safer.

In these tough times, we need to unite and love another.

I pray that God blesses us and give us the wisdom to workout an effective solution

to reduce violence and unneccessary death.

God bless us all.