Thanks to YouTube, I get to know about Kalu Yala.

Kalu Yala is a for-profit company that is trying to achieve a sustainable society. Interns have to pay to get education and participate in the quest for sustainable society.

The funny thing that I found watching the VICE video was that interns thought that Kalu Yala was a community. Well, it is a for-profit company….

Also, I am not sure what the interns expected. Change is hard…

Even the brightest minds throwing in all their efforts and resources struggle.

So not sure why they are so unhappy about not seeing instant change which does not exist.

Also, why would they pay thousand dollars to work there?

This is the saddest/ funniest thing….There lot of places, where you can volunteer and help out without paying…

I am also not very fond of people trying to change the world when they can’t even change themselves or those around them….

You want change? Then I think you should start with yourself, which you have most control over.

Also, try to change your area first. We have so many issues right now from growing inequality, crime, racism….you name it and it is likely be near where you live.

So for those who are seeking to change the world. I applaud for your courage and passion. But start small, start by being a good person and helping out others.

Start by recycling more, picking up trash, and being nice to others.

You don’t need to build a sustainable farm to say that you made a difference.

Let’s us all start with small things first 😀

God bless us all ^^