In Ohio, thieves rammed a UHAUL into a Louis Vuitton store and stole $150,000 goods.

The thieves exploited the fact that LV goods are expensive but are not stored away like jewelry. Also, LV stores have big glass walls and no bars in order to display the goods so it was an easy target to break the glass and grab and run away with everything.

I am not sure bullet proof glass or other fortified glass could have stopped a ramming UHAUL.  I also doubt that LV will put bars because it will make the goods look not as good.

But if robberies become more common they might do so. But I doubt it.

For the store, it should have insurance, so it should be ok. The damage will be more due to the loss of sales from repairing the store and the stolen goods being sold.

The lesson of this robbery is that robbers are clever and we should always look for vulnerabilities and remediate them.