I woke up late again —

Talked to my girl friend shortly. Fixed the slides and went to class.

By Your blessings, the class went well. Hard concepts but some students seem

to get the material well. Jesus, please do give me more love and wisdom.

I was going to fast lunch but then I was too weak? Well, I was just hungry.

Jesus, please give me more faith. We live by Your Word not bread alone.

But I am very thankful for Waba Grill. I especially love their to-go boxes that

can be recycled 😀

Afternoon class was great too. Although I could have prepared better.

It is so funny that You realize that You have missed somethings only after You start

covering Your slides. I guess that is why experience is important. But by Your grace

I am able to teach effectively. Thank You so much Jesus.

Nothing more thankful than a In-N-Out Burger on the way home—

Love the burgers! Delicious and affordable.

I am thankful for my spacious room. I get to spread things around.

I should really be more organized.

Thank You Jesus for a truly blessed day!