Thank You Jesus for a fantastic Friday.

I woke up late— Not good. But felt rested.

I did some work. But then fell into temptation 😦

BUT!! By Your grace! I repented and worked harder. Also, prayed well too.

Jesus, I am so thankful that You have saved us from our sins.
Let me be holier every day.

I enjoyed the job talk. It was well—needed more development but it was interesting.

Came home, got more work done in more leisurely manner.

Worked on REITs, learning a lot.

Thank You Jesus for helping me do research.

I had a good talk with my mom. So thankful for my family.

Thank You Jesus for my loving family.

Thank You Lord for Kakao! You rock Kakao!

Also, thank You internet.

Jesus, let us be more thankful every day!

Thank You so much for everything!