Three UCLA basketball players are back after being detained for alleged stealing.

I am thankful that they are back but man…they should really now repent and live up

to the standards. It is never OK to STEAL. What were they thinking? They

have great careers ahead and then they go steal.

I am sure UCLA will come up with good remedies but I think all school should

again emphasize ethics and good judgment.

I think UCLA should set a real good example because this is just embarassing for

everyone. However, I don’t think we should go a on the severe punishment route.

They are ashamed and they are most likely regretting. So let’s make that these young

men get back up on their feets and do the right thing.

Also, let us remember to forgive others as well. So many youth make one mistake and

get severely punished, such as going to adult jail. Let us love and forgive young people

and help them get back up.