I love Costco-

I always love shopping in bulk and saving money-

Well, thanks to God now I live within walking distance to Costco!


Few days ago, I had some funny things happen while going shopping to Costco.

First, someone took my cart when I tried to look into some products- Boooo—

Then after getting a new cart, I accidentally took someone else’s cart just to return it.

The owner confronted me and laughed it off- I was like I need to pay attention-

The lines were long but they opened new counters so moved quite quickly-


Lot of free samples- I wish I could eat more but I had to go and people started flocking

haha- Time to get out when people start lining-

Oh, dear Costco-

I am thankful for Costco.

Proud to be a member and an investor 😀


Will get a Costco hat some time in the future hee hee