Today, I got an IPO alert from MOTIF. I looked into Newmark Knight Frank, a real estate service firm. The underwriter was Goldman Sachs and other larger investment banks.

Still I opened up the prospectus and went through- Hmmm….complicated structure. Prior owners mainly being paid off but—

Good industry and Goldman Sachs- Also, it won’t go bankrupt anytime soon-

Usually, I do more due diligence but given that I know that Goldman Sachs the underwriter and the owners will be around for some time, I thought that it was a good one day pop play-

But when I returned to participate in the offer, well, it was closed-

Oh well, I learned something new and I will wait for another opportunity.

But no worries, it is about the process, and I am sure that there will be other opportunities-


Those who are interested in IPOs, please take a look at MOTIF.