Thank You Jesus for the blessed Wednesday!

Today, we went to COEX and saw the illustrator fair. I did not know that there were so many talented artists in Korea. No wonder lot of animation gets done in Korea.

I am thankful that God has blessed Korea with so much talent! Jesus, I pray that the artists get to know You and really praise You-

God, let them use their talents to glorify You!

We also met some Christian artists! It was so awesome. I pray that we use our talents only to glorify You and You alone Jesus!

We had a terrific lunch. It was so good! I could not believe it! Amazing!

Then we went to the COEX aquarium. Not so many sea animals but it had interesting themes! Very interesting!

Jesus, thank You so much for the wonderful time! Jesus, I pray that You continue to bless us so we can be whole and give You all the glory.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love!