Thank You Jesus for a wonderful 2017-

I have grown to trust You more Jesus-

Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible more and pray more-

Jesus, thank You for helping me graduate and getting a great job-

I am thankful that I got to teach and serve-

My research is a bit behind but I will pray and seek Your wisdom-

Thank You Jesus for my wonderful church-

So much to be thankful for- We are slowing becoming holier- Thank You God-

Please bless our pastors and the congregation- Let us be more victorious in 2018-

Thank You Lord for my wonderful family- Thank You God for our health-

I pray that we become holier in 2018-

Thank You God for Myungshin-

I am so thankful that we grew so much in Jesus- I pray that You continue to bless us so we can be holier and more loving-

Thank You Jesus for another great year!