Thank You Jesus for a new year-

Lord, I pray that I put You first always-

I woke up late 😦

Got some work done.

I am eating well. Thank you mom for the great food-

I am thankful for the room. I do get some work done-

I am thankful for coffee- I should drink less- bad for your teeth 😦

Then I went to pray-

I am thankful for Korea’s wonderful Subway system! So awesome!

Went to pray at KHOP- So nice-

I am so thankful for the house of prayer-

The praise team was great-

I wish I could pray more but I had to go home.

Plus, I sat for too long hahaha-

Oh- my health- I should take better care of my health-

Jesus, thank You so much for the house of prayer-

I know that Your good will be done and that nothing can go against You Jesus!

Back home, a nice dinner- Man, I need to eat less-

Thankful for my brother’s family-

I pray that they get to know Jesus more-

Finally, really thankful that I can write this post! From 2018, I will try to update

give thanks that day or the following day- Haha-

Thank You Jesus for everything-

I pray that we become much much holier in 2018- Please fill us with the Holy Spirit!