I usually do not make new year new resolutions-

Well, I used to but then everything rarely went as I planned-

I often had more work and more unexpected things that happened-

But this year, I will make some resolutions-

First, I will read the bible four times! Everyone needs God’s Word! I know this sounds ambitious but God is the source of all blessings and wisdom!

Second, I will pray for 1 hr+ a day, three times a day- Yup, I tried this but wait- it sort of worked. I will be more consistent-

Third, I will love more. I realize that I lack a lot of love. So I will serve more!

Fourth, I will learn Spanish again- Hahaha, I need to speak Spanish better. Need it in LA 😀

Fifth, I will workout more. I am getting older and my physical health is definitely not good. I need to exercise more.

Sixth, I will teach better. I am satisfied with my course material but I believe that I can teach more effectively. Jesus, please give more wisdom!

Seventh, I will do better research! God blessed me with research skills! Time to use them!

Eight, I will become a better investor. I will learn about penny stock trading. I have been wanting to learn this for many years finally- Also, need to learn more about short selling and IPO investing-

Ninth, I will read more books. I used to read a lot of books but like three years ago. I don’t read as much- Better read-

Tenth, I will focus more on taking care of myself and making a pleasant environment. Need to start dressing better. No more PhD clothing- Also, need to make the house more inviting. Right now, it looks like a PhD office-

Jesus, thank You so much for a new year. Let us become more loving and holier. We can’t do this alone. Jesus fill us with the Holy Spirit so we can give You all the glory!