Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday-

We had a great brunch in a hotel-

Haha- I like hotels but not the food so much- But this hotel had decent food-

The view was nice. I am thankful for my brother for making all the reservations-

Then I had tea with an old friend- I pray that You bless her Jesus- I pray that she seeks You more and stands strong in You Jesus-

Work life in Korea is absurd- Yet even in the darkest hours, Jesus You are with us and protect us.

Let us rely on You and not ourselves or others-

Then I met another friend- I did not know Gangnam is so much cleaner and better now-

Only few years ago, it was dirty and had way too many bars- Now those bars have

become coffee shops- Haha- booze and coffee both are addictive but coffee is so gooood

and more peaceful-

I pray that Gangnam becomes less materialistic and more holy-

Jesus, let the next generation arise and shine!

Thank You so much for all Your love and mercy!