Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Wednesday-

I had a nice breakfast with my parents and then went off-

I am thankful for the great public transportation in Korea!

So nice-

Then Incheon Airport! Wow! So nice, no wonder it has been named the best Airport for

many years-

The lines were long but things moved quickly-

The flight was ok. I could not sleep much.

But watched some movies! Thank You Jesus for movies-

Then came to LA. I was thankful for my smartphone- and Lyft!

Thank you Lyft for taking me home.

I could have complained about Lyft price or the traffic.

But I am thankful that I could get back home. I am thankful

that I have home to return to and that my home is fine.

Except for some dead plants-

It’s fine, I will get new ones and the old ones will be composted-

Thank You Jesus for a wonderful day!